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Dying inside...selling my nineteen

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  • Dying inside...selling my nineteen

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    This boat has been around literally my entire life. My grandfather bought it new the year I was born and I managed to convince my grandmother and then my parents to hang on to it all these years, and it sat for years until we restored it a few years ago. Turns out my husband isn't a boater (what was I thinking? haha) and my father, who has done most of the work to get it running and keep it running is getting older...if only I had the time and money. I shouldn't be so sentimental, but I feel like I am making a huge mistake Hope she's loved by her new owner.
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    beautiful boat.

    have you taken your husband out on the boat? most non boaters become boaters quickly.
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      Wow Captain Susie a sad day indeed I feel your pain. The wife and I always look forward to summertime cruising and just hanging out on our 19. Take care.


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        Just remember ,Susie. Once it's gone,it's gone....I came close to selling mine this past spring, I had a change of heart and glad I did.
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          Good news here....the deal fell through and shortly after, a storm ripped the "FOR SALE" sign clean in half. All we could find was the "LE"! If my kids weren't witnesses, I don't think my husband would have believed me! I think my grandfather was trying to tell me something

          My wonderful husband just agreed to renting a slip next summer so we can hop in and use it whenever we want. It will need bottom paint for the first time ever, but I guess that isn't the worst thing in the world. We'll also need to make sure the bilge pump is in good working order. Hopefully the salt water won't wreak to much havoc. The family is very happy, and as my husband would say "happy wife, happy life"


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            Good news here....the deal fell through
            i'm glad it did and yer happy it did. i really can't imagine what boat i'll have after a Nineteen. their just too cool and are great all weather boats.
            while i've never boated in salt water before. personally, i'd be a bit paranoid. bottom paint for sure. keep an eye on the zincs. stray current from someone elses boat can be a real bummer i understand. i'd want to figure a way to flush the salt water from the inside of the engine and manifold after each use too. what's yer plan for the bilge pump? i just got some low flow manual pump in mine. i had issues with how to mount mine. as far as i know all bilge pumps in Nineteens would have been an afterthought. not oem.
            again. so happy for you. surely the hubby will get into it. what's not to like. freedom of being on yer Nineteen. your own world........

            an afterthought. ya gonna tie it up with the aft curtain deployed. that'd cut down on the chances of needing the bilge pump (obviously still need one though). granted mine does leak a bit. but nothing like full on rain. mine seems to stay where i put it too. i've had mine in 35mph+ winds and it stayed deployed w/o issue (kept a whole lotta monsoon off me too. water onboard was not an issue due to the aft curtain).
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              It really neat to have something like that with such a deep family history. My hats off to you keeping her around. I'm sure you won't regret it.
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                I had thought of using my '75 nineteen in salt next summer. Said I never would, but haven't been able to sell it in order to get a real salt water boat. I used to take my 63 funliner, but don't want to anymore because of its age and the fact that it means a lot more to me than the nineteen. Take it from me salt water is rough on boats. Last year I took the funliner . Used Saltaway EVERY day when I pulled it out . Last fall I installed a new impeller. Pulled up the pump plate and be darned if it wasn't corroded under it!! And this is an outboard with aluminum block . I can only imagine what it would do to a cast iron engine block. I'm going to do some research on installing closed cooling system on it before I put it in salt .


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                  I'm going to do some research on installing closed cooling system on it before I put it in salt .
                  from reading here on iboats. i understand that it may not be the best idea to go to a closed cooling system w/o having had the block boiled out prior to the install. from what i understand. the rust flakes on the inside of the block tend to plug up the small passages of the heat exchanger. i can believe this too. 'every time' i drain my manifold. i always get rust flakes and rust dust with the draining of the manifold. i assume the same for the block. but i have that t valve for the block (not a plug) that don't seem to let rust flakes past it while draining. but i can't image that them rust flakes and dust aren't still there inside my block. assume they just don't drain away because of the design of the t valve i use to drain the block. just food for thought. i sure do understand why ya wanna do that though. crazy that ya did the best ya could with yer ob and still had corrosion issues... that salt water must be some real corrosive stuff.
                  'Lime Time'
                  1975 AristoCraft Nineteen
                  Mercruiser 165hp (chevy 250 L6), MC-1 drive