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1960 Arena Craft Ski Boat

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  • 1960 Arena Craft Ski Boat

    I have recently become the owner of what I believe is a 1960 Arena Craft Inboard ski boat. I am looking for any and all info on this boat. I bought it at an antique boat auction. It had no drivetrain but other wise is complete. No one bid on it so I did and ended up with it and the trailer for $600. I have been reading the forum here and have gotten a good idea that this is a rare find so I would like to get any and all info I can about this boat. After a full hull and deck restoration I plan on powering it with a period correct chevy 283 or 327. If any one can send me in the right direction for info I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks.......I have seen Kit Arena's blogs here and would love to chat with him if he is still out there.

    Dean C New Hampshire

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    Re: 1960 Arena Craft Ski Boat

    Hello. I was wondering if you have any pictures of your 1960 arena craft and what model do you own? I have a 18 Bonito but not sure of the year so I'm trying to find out.
    Thanks,Stewart cornerstonerodandcustoms@gmail.com