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19'6" Family Fisheman with 3.0 merc i/o - alpha 1 drive

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  • 19'6" Family Fisheman with 3.0 merc i/o - alpha 1 drive

    Claimed engine hours are 200. Used in salt water (LI sound).

    The boat is shrink wrapped so I have only inspected the outside so far. Drive looks clean and not corroded and I will be looking at the engine. Not sure I can get them to run it for me given that it's January. I did check the boat for hull moisture and the results were good. Transom and bottom were drier than most other boats I've checked (15% vs 20+%). I have not checked the floor or looked in the bilge. The hull seems in good condition. There are a few dings but the rub rail is intact and the boat is original gelcoat with a painted bottom. The owner clains it is in good operational condition (they all do that).

    Owner wants $3500 and the boat needs a trailer. I expect ~$2k for a trailer.

    Question is, how much life might that motor / outdrive have? Are the exhaust risers an issue on these? Other issues?

    Is this enough power (140hp)? Can the engine be repowered with a 3.7 merc (175hp)? Would I need to also change the outdrive? The max hp for the boat is 185.

    Not sure what the boat weighs. The brochure on-line said 2100lbs dry. Also saw 2800lbs in the iboats specs list.

    Any thoughts would be helpful. I have experience with inboards and outboards but not i/o's.

    Primarly I want the boat to use for short day trips in LI sound with my wife. We have a sailboat that is our main focus. I'd like to keep the powerboat simple and easy and not have a restoration on my hands. An engine swap at some point might not be a problem as I am very mechanically able.


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    Re: 19'6" Family Fisheman with 3.0 merc i/o - alpha 1 drive

    Turns out it is a 22-2 FF. Too big for me. But I found out the engine / i/o are 2003 repower and the fuel tank is new. Seems liek a good deal but just too big for me.

    This thread can be closed if desired.