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161 Tournament Cat Owner's Manual

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  • 161 Tournament Cat Owner's Manual

    Just picked up a previously owned '02 161 Tournament Cat. I've search extensively but have come up empty handed. Can anyone direct me to where I might find an owner's manual? Or, if someone has one that they can scan, I will gladly pay you.


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    Re: 161 Tournament Cat Owner's Manual

    I just bought an 2001 with a Evinrude 115 and I do have an owners manual, there not much to it but I would be happy to get it to you. Curious, what engine do you have? What's your top speed and at what RPM? I'm only getting 35mph at 5900. Seems slow to me??? Its hard getting info on these boats,not many out there.


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      I mounted 2 batts, 24v, on the port side transom hatch. Worked out real well. Also rubber mounted an aluminum plate omn bow for a mounting plate. Send mr your e mail and ill take pic for you.
      ive had my cat for about 2 years. And really hhaven't used it much due to work. Preparing for my retirement. I hav a stearing issue, it wasts to zig zag real bad. I put the largest dolphin tail i could find and this has helped a whole bunch, but depending on wind direction i still have difficulty, of which i dont trim the boat too much. Ive found that if i let the bow dig a little it helps lessen the wind effects. Anyone else have these issues, lets chat.

      Can ssomeone tell me where the factory fuse panel is located.
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