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Aquasport Osprey 215 Dual Consule Newby Questions

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  • Aquasport Osprey 215 Dual Consule Newby Questions

    Ahoy everyone. I am a first time boat owner. Bought a 2000 Aquasport Osprey 215 Dual Console this year and am learning the ropes. Seems to be a very stable boat and the dual console was just the hybrid type of boat I was looking for. Didn't feel I needed a cuddy cabin because I have no plans to sleep in the boat or anything and have friends with cuddys that seem to be mildewy hoarding closets after a short period of time. I do wish the boat had a little more dry storage, though. I am using a cooler for the dry storage, but that is not the point of my posting.
    First of all, does anyone know where I might get the Aquasport type cup holders that come with the boat. They are sandwiched shaped, recessed into the sides of the boat by the consoles and rear seats. I would like to replace at least 2, replacing all 4 would be better.
    Second, my rear fish boxes always have a lot of water in them. Draining them with the macerator pump is just not something I remember to do, and when I do, it seems the starboard one drains much quicker than the port one. Can these boxes be set up to drain by themselves or do I always have to put on the pump? Is it unusual for one to drain faster? Is there a valve that I don't know about that should be set in the middle for more even drainage? And how does the fish box between the consoles drain?
    And one last thing for now, I seem to need more cleats in the bow. The center cleat (the only cleat) is used for the anchor rope. Getting one bow line in there is difficult, and two is nearly impossible. Have any of you installed extra cleats in the front, and if so, where is the safest place to do so?
    Thanks for your advice and I'm sure you will be hearing much more from me in the future.