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1998 25CC thoughts -opinions -advice?

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  • 1998 25CC thoughts -opinions -advice?

    Happy and healthy New Year everyone. If anyone has any info; good, bad, 1st hand, 2nd hand about Anlger boats I'd appreciate your input. I've found a boat I'm interested in but have no personal experience with Angler boats and am having difficulty finding info or specs on the 98 CC. It has a full trnsom with an engine bracket and a Suzuki 4s 250 on the back.

    Does NC have ethanol in thier fuel?

    any leads to ANlger specs online?

    Did / does Angler use any wood in the 98 models? Looks like yes after reading other posts

    Does anyone have the specs? weight (looks like 4000lbs on this site)/ transom and bow angle, etc.