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Alumacraft "Maracaibo"

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  • Alumacraft "Maracaibo"

    Well, I thought it was a "Tampico II " that I was negotiating for, but it turns out to be a "Maracaibo "

    and I brought her home and parked her in the yard tonight....

    Any info on the "Maracaibo" model would be most greatfully appreciated.

    Upon very close inspection, it appears that the original color scheme was Gold and white rather than the current Blue and white.

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    Re: Alumacraft

    Here's an update....
    I pretty much have her put back together completely now...
    I just need to find one more screw down windshield mount bracket and that will be done.
    And I have to track down a continuity break in the navigation light circuits ( piece of cake )
    clean up a little over spray on the spash rails and it's a wrap. ( for now :-P )
    I repainted the lower half of that beautiful 25th anniversary Merc 500
    and had her out for trial runs a couple days ago....
    it was a blast....

    Videos: ( they're 30 and 40 megabyte videos)
    Part 1:

    Part 2:


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      Re: Alumacraft

      The YR14 Maracaibo was built from 1960-68. Earlier models were rated for 45hp and later models were rated higher. In the last 2 years I've seen one other Maracaibo. Probably not scarce but they don't show up every day. A light, fast boat.


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        Re: Alumacraft


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          Re: Alumacraft

          Very cool d
          Thanks for the catalog picture VA
          Mine is number YR14-1221
          I'm assuming she's a '65
          The outboard is a 25th anniversary Merc 500 and
          I was told it is the original motor that came with the boat.
          it sure is a stable craft, and a true pleasure to pilot.



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            Re: Alumacraft

            Sunfish, I think you can remove that hydrofoil from the lower unit.

            And from the looks of the spray coming up from the back of the boat, and the photos here, I think you can/should raise the motor up.

            Anti ventilation plate on the lower unit should be 1-1.5 inches above the bottom of the hull.

            Looks like a blast.

            I have a similar boat, but only a single console and no windshield.
            Just picked up a 2001 50 hp Merc to put on it. Can't wait to give it a try.

            Happy boating.
            Medford, WI


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              Re: Alumacraft

              Yeah, I removed the Doel Fin right after the videos...
              the foil was giving too much lift aft...
              it does a great job when I have extra people in the boat, but when there are just the 2 of us there's far too much aft lift from it.
              the spray off the motor shaft got worse whe I removed the foil...
              I have to look at the distance from the keel line to the anti-ventilation plate... I didn't think about that.
              It wouldn't be hard at all to build a small riser on the transom if I need to raise it a bit.

              Thanks for the tip Roscoe.

              I'm working on building a set of rigid trim tabs for the Maracaibo also 8)

              PS) I'm thinking about mounting my other '65 Merc 500 alongside the one that's on the Maracaibo now
              but probably not until next Spring
              What kind of boat is yours that you mentioned above?


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                Re: Alumacraft

                Well, mine is similar in hull design and weight.
                It is a 1977 Alumacraft Lunker, 16'.
                A small bench up front, a bench in the rear, and a single steering console.
                Its rated for 65hp.
                Currently has a 35, but I just picked up the 2001 Merc 50hp for it.
                Won't get it installed till mid winter some time

                I have the same spray problem with the 35hp.
                Seems the transom measures 20.5 inches.
                And the motor is 23.5 from the bracket to the anti ventilation plate.
                Can't raise the motor easily.
                Wanted tilt and trim.
                Found the 50 hp.

                It looked like this when I bought it last month.

                Now, she has a new trailer, the plastic seats are gone and a couple of new Fish-On Tempress seats are in place. 3 new batteries have been placed up front, and a new 24 volt trolling motor.

                This winter I will be replacing the carpet, adding my fish finder and chartplotter, rewiring everything, and installing the 50hp Merc.
                Medford, WI


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                  Re: Alumacraft

                  Nice looking boat !!!

                  You're going to love the way that Lunker rides with the 50 on her Roscoe....
                  Mine's a 25th anniversary Merc 500 and it pushes the 14 foot Maracaibo along like nobody's business.

                  It does a lot better with the 3 blade prop on it too...

                  I had a 2 blade 11p prop on her for the video's.

                  Your transom looks nearly identical to the Maracaibo's
                  I'm sure you'll be able to exceed 40mph with her with that 50 on there.

                  It's pretty cold here today... I just came in from mounting my other Merc 500 on the SlickCraft SS-160
                  that I picked up this week.
                  The slickcraft came with a 1957 35hp Johnson Golden Javelin, and a 1963 SeaKing 40hp electric, and a drive-on trailer...

                  I'll be putting the javelin on one of my other 1959 Alumacraft runabouts, or maybe on the '55 blue star...
                  and I think I might put the '63 Seaking 40hp on my 1962 Steury 416SD
                  too many boats, too many motors......
                  It's getting hard to decide what I wanna put where lol

                  Here's another video with the Doel Fin removed
                  cruising around on Chicagon Lake near where I live

                  my girlfriend nearly launched me over the bow lol
                  I was standing up in the back of the boat with the camera and she dumped the throttle on me.... :devil:
                  it was an interesting change in speed to say the least



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                    Re: Alumacraft

                    Yeah, could have been interesting if she had completely cut the throttle.

                    Cool video where the light/reflections play with the camera and gives the effect of huge rain drops hitting the water.

                    Next time you are out. set the camera in a tripod mount, and focus it on her driving.

                    Then when she isn't looking, jump out the back.

                    The expression on her face when she realizes you are gone, would be priceless.
                    Medford, WI


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                      Re: Alumacraft "Maracaibo"

                      Love your boat! Looks like my Tampico II. Wondering if you have pictures of inside your boat? I the floor in yours original?

                      Nick Johnson
                      Minnetonka, MN


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                        Re: Alumacraft "Maracaibo"

                        Can anyone tell me how I can tell what the difference is between a Maracaibo and aTampico.
                        I found mine in a scrap yard and turned it into a beautiful fishing boat.It didn't have any tags or numbers on it and i'm not sure what size motor to get for it.Any help would be appreciated.


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                          Re: Alumacraft "Maracaibo"

                          Here are a few attachements that maybe of use.
                          Attached Files


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                            Re: Alumacraft "Maracaibo"

                            Originally posted by leadpencil2 View Post
                            Here are a few attachements that maybe of use.
                            Thanks for the help.I guess it doesn't really matter witch one it is.
                            At least now I know what the specs are.I bought A 40hp tiller to put on it,can't wait
                            to try it out in the water. Thanks again.


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                              Sign up today
                              I have a1963 Aluma Craft Maracaibo 14' joined this site to learn and try to restore her to original condition. I can't post any pictures yet but I'm really stuck on how the floor went in. If anyone has any pictures of how the stringers and floor went in, would be a great help. Really stuck on the length width and height of floor and where the supports went. Also I have no experience doing this. There is no wood to go off of. There is some aluminum brackets that are riveted but can't make sense of how or what they were for. I've managed to rebuild the transom and strip all the paint thanks to the fourms on this site.