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On the hunt for an Alumacraft FD in MN/WI...

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  • On the hunt for an Alumacraft FD in MN/WI...

    Wow, first post. I think I've been lurking forever. Ton of information to be had here from people who have been there and done that.

    Like the title says I'm on the hunt for an Alumacraft FD. I have plenty of motors and a trailer so I'm just looking for a boat. Tiller motors and I'm just fishing out of it so I don't need a deck or steering. I prefer a 60's up to about 72 (40hp/865 capacities) boat but won't rule out other years. Mainly I'm looking for nice condition...
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    Swapping and selling isnt permitted in the open forum.

    Good luck on your hunt.
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      Stepping on toes with the first post. Ain't that 'bout like me? Anyway, I found one I think I'm going to like, but I probably ought to save that story for a different thread..