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Alumacraft YFR

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  • Alumacraft YFR

    I have a line on what is described to me as a 15 1/2 foot

    Model YFR
    63" wide
    rated for 50 hp
    4 persons
    20" transom

    It has closed bow, cable steering, and a 50 hp West Bend. To me the boat looks early 60s. I question some things the seller is telling me. Can any of you experts give me some guidance on what I have here?


    potential purchase?

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    I agree, looks early 60's. The outboard is obsolete. I'm sure even basic tune up parts will be tough to find. I had a similar '66 Starcraft Jupiter closed bow. We had a lot of fun with it but longed for an open bow the entire time I had it.
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      What is the seller telling you that you question

      Lots of great info in here

      And yep, w the serial #, Alumacraft will provide lots of info, use the contact us link on their homepage.
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        Thanks. Those West Bends are essentially Chryslers and I would consider them usable as long as no major mechanical failure occurs--and one is mechanically inclined.

        I agree on the closed bow--seems to me that people were thinking of car-like runabouts in those days, and in that sense the closed bow makes sense enough, simulating the hood of a car. But for practical use as a boat, not so much. Depends on what one wants....