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installing flooring in 1963 Bel Mar

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  • installing flooring in 1963 Bel Mar

    I am restoring a 1963 Alumacraft Bel Mar that has no floor and appears to be missing some of the flooring supports. Does anyone have pictures of the flooring supports of same or similar model. Does anyone know where I could find these floor supports?
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    The deck (floor) supports run fore and aft (bow to stern)? On top of ribs (that run port [left] to starboard [right])? If so, then they are typically called stringers.

    A lot of vintage tin boats didn't come w/ a deck installed, just an open bottom, inside of the boat hull.

    Got any pix of your Bel Mar? Pix help: Photo Upload Tutorial

    An aluminum boat, correct? Bel Mara, Bel Marra?

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      The ribs are in place and there is a centerline stringer that is still present, but the stringers that run fore and aft are missing. I can see on the ribs where "something" was attached and there is "putty on the sides of the hull where I assume the deck rested. I am looking for the parts or pictures of the parts so I can continue my restoration and have plenty of support for the deck. Reading the photo tutorial, I have to make three posts before I can upload pictures.

      I had contacted Alumacraft and based on their archives the boat serial number on the transom knee indicates a 1963 Bel Mara.

      I will try to send pictures after I have one more post.



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        I'll have to wait and see your pix. Best of my knowledge, tin boats didn't get a putty along the deck between the deck and hull sides and can you be more specific about what you're seeing that suggests something was attached to the tops of the ribs? Evidence of a screw/rivet hole.

        I've not seen a Bel Mara before, so not sure what that putty might be if factory (I suspect a previous owner did that)

        Did it come w/ the original deck in place, if only in pieces? Or does it appear like a previous owner put in a new deck? Did other work too?

        I prefer pix option 3, and use Photobucket as my 3rd party host sight. There are other 3rd party sites
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