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Looking for an FDR

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  • Looking for an FDR

    Looking for an early 60s FDR. My grandpa bought one new in 1960 and it was traded in by my dad some 25 years ago. Now I have a son and would like to create memories with him in a classic boat.

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    I would keep an eye on Craigslist and other classifieds, as well as ebay. You may also check with any local marinas or older used boat dealers in your area. Put the word out ro them about what you are searching for. They may know of one stashed away somewhere or someone who has one who may part with theirs.

    You may have to broaden your search by looking for other years of that style boat or even look for similar style boats built by other manufacturers. Good luck on your search and let us know how it goes.

    Oh and if you have a question about another boat you see listed somewhere ( I just saw where you had posted about one on ebay earlier that didn't get a response ), for now I would continue to post questions during your search for a boat here. That way it will be esier for us to help you in your search.

    Although you may want to pm a mod and have this thread moved to the boat topcis and questions section as it will have more traffic and get looked at by a wider range of members.
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