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  • My First Boat

    First of all I want to say hello and thank you for all of the very valuable advice that many of you have posted in these threads. I have read and read and read some more.. I purchased an old (what I think it's an Alumacraft) boat a few days ago. The owner threw in a few things to sweeten the deal also. This thing came with 2 trolling motors (Minn Kota 30lb, and Minn Kota 55lb), 2 oars, 2 movable seats, a Lowrance Fish Finder, 2 batteries (one deep cycle, and one dual purpose), the trailer, and some other goodies. I paid $800 for it, which was probably a lot, but considering all that came with it, I didn't fret - my budget was $1000 for my first boat so to me this seemed like a steal.

    I haven't done any modding (to the boat) yet, because this is my first boat, and I know absolutely nothing about boats. My plan is to add a deck to the front, and to the rear of the boat. It'll just be something crude laying across the 2 front seats, and something over the back to cover the batteries and give me some storage compartments.

    So far, I have changed out the winch on the trailer (not pictured - I just did that last night), and moved the trailer parts forward about a foot because about 14 inches of the boat was hanging off the back of the trailer and it gave me little to no space in my garage bay, so when I swapped out the winch, I moved everything up 14 inches.. I plan to add a trailer jack (from Harbor Freight) next.

    I figured I'd look around on here to see what you guys were doing, had done, or to get some advice. Attached are picks of the boat. It appears to have been painted a time or two, so I can't readily identify the model, nor would I know where to look. From what I've gathered, it should be somewhere near the transom?

    I am very exciting about the purchase. I love to fish, but until now have only done so from the shore. It feels great to know that I can not get out there to the middle of the water or to the little inlets where I hear the fishing is much better.

    Since this is my first foray into owning a boat, any and all advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thank you guys!!

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    First off, Congrats on your first boat purchase. It is a very fun hobby! You have definitely gone the right path with getting a small, manageable boat to start off. The boat looks like it is in fairly good shape (at least from the pics). I think you got a good buy. However, if you are like me, you will want more speed down the road and that may be a good time to get a gas 5hp or so outboard. One thing that you should know is that you should keep up with cleaning the boat. If you keep it clean, you won't have to spend hours cleaning it on a nice boating day! I don't know what make of boat you have here. If there is a capacity plate, it might state the manufacturer on there. You are correct though, on the transom there is usually the Hull ID number, I don't know if that helps you figure out the make though. One last thing, if you are going to use the trolling motors, you may need to register the canoe (dumb righta?) Check for your own state.That is it for now!
    Happy Boating
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      I was able to pull some numbers off the transom. F-10793. I'm not sure what that means.


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        Welcome to the world of boat ownership and iboats.

        Looks like a nice hull.

        Check the capacity plate for weight capacity, max HP and model, if it has a plate.

        Any mods you add to the boat will take away from the weight capacity of stuff that goes in the boat. So try and make the add ons as light as possible while still being strong.

        Looks like maybe a 14'er?

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          I've been unable to find a plate, however, I did find that stamp and contacted Alumacraft and gave them the numbers. She said it was manufactured in 1955. I registered it today with DNR, and according to the HIN already on it (it's been registered before, apparently), they have it as a 2005. Odd, but I just need a registration, I suppose. Not to have it noted as a relic.