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Floor ideas for a Deep C

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  • Floor ideas for a Deep C

    I was wondering if those that have covered the floor in their old alumacrafts could share some pictures and materials to show off their work. I want to put in a nice slat style floor but want to see some examples. Thanks in advance.

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    How about some pix of your DeepC?

    What kind of slats? Mahogany or teak?

    Does the DeepC have bench seats? They go all the way down to the hull, or will the slat deck go under the benches?
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      There are pictures of the boat here on site I updated a post that the guy I bought the boat from had on here. The topic is closed but the pictures are still there.The boat does have 3 benches, I plan on removing the seats to install the floor. I am considering leaving the middle seat out. I am going to have folding bench seats made, a split bench in the cockpit and a full bench in the back. I have not posted pictures yet because I do not have the boat home yet, I bought a new motor before I even had the boat. I do plan on taking before and after and during pictures.


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        The seats do not go all the way to the floor, I am still undecided if I will do it in more than 2 pieces. I am thinking about using white cedar, I found a source that I can get up to 6' lengths.