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R.I.P. Boat Motor 1981-2020

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  • R.I.P. Boat Motor 1981-2020

    My boat motor died last night. The last few times I took the boat out I thought is smelled like something was burning. The water pump was working so I didn't know what else to do. Last night as I was power loading onto the trailer the motor shook violently and then stopped. The motor is now locked up. I cant even turn the fly wheel by hand. I am relieved that this happened actually because I am forced to buy a newer motor. It was a good motor and at least me and my son spent many hours fishing together. It was a Mercury 20 hp by the way. So what should I do with a blown up motor now?
    Thanks for listening.

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    Sell for super cheap and walk away from it.

    You could probably google ad listings of a lot of early and mid 1980s parts Mercury motors.

    I'm guessing 50 to $100 max in value. You'll die of old age before you'll be able to sell off most or all of those parts if you part it out.

    For that motor, room/space is more valuable than the item.


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      If you can locate a very similar motor, HP, year, etc.that still runs fine, you could buy it and use your old motor for parts....pretty nice to have a spare lower unit, carbs, etc., etc.....might beat just selling it for $50 bucks or something and maybe Craigslist or EBay could help you here to locate another motor....unless you're just ready for a new motor...


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        how do you know the water pump was working? the tell tale doesnt mean that water is flowing thru the block

        smelling something burning was your indication that you had a problem

        now you either fix your motor or you buy a new motor

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          Thanks for the replies everyone I took advice from everyone.

          Originally posted by Scott Danforth View Post
          how do you know the water pump was working? the tell tale doesnt mean that water is flowing thru the block
          That must have been the first mistake. I definitely saw water shooting out but didn't think to check the exhauste area for water coming out.


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            If you live in a fishing town/area turn it into a letterbox,

            Use a decent amount of concrete.

            Dosen't really have the same visual impact / meaning away from the coast though.


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              find another...…. having a parts motor is great. or sell it to someone that has one. depending what it was and where you are can likely get 4-8 cases of beer for it


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                Remove lower unit.---Motor itself may just be OK.


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                  Go get a new 4 stroke you will love how quiet the new motor is and also more fuel efficient. The old motor served you well does not owe you anything.