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Drifting Boat.-

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  • Drifting Boat.-

    Saw at some distance a boat with 4 up drifting to open sea, when approached besides all being in panic were extremely drunk. When inquired what happened, said the motor has stopped unexpectedly while running strong. When primming the fuel bulb nothing happened aside from hearing bubble like sounds unde the motor's cowl.

    Definitely a fuel related issue, asked the owner to check the female tank's connector to tank, guess what ? the female connector's clip popped off and the motor died inmediately after. Nobody took account of that situation due to the portable tank lived under the central console...

    Moral : Never go boating that drunk, have minimum information on how a motor works and pray for a good samaritan to appear....

    Happy Boating

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    Funny how people get themselves in trouble, lose their cool and fail to trouble shoot with a logical approach when under stress.


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      Happens a lot more than anyone would think I'll bet
      The trouble with trouble is it starts as fun!