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  • “Major” Nut Case

    My last job was with the local Police Department as a civilian employee. My job was maintaining the special equipment.
    We had a 26’ Boston Whaler Sentry with a pair of 225 Mercurys.
    The Major comes and says to get the boat ready to go rescue a disabled boat in the lake. He is barking orders at everyone and directing the Sargent backing the F 350 to the trailer while I am checking the motors for starting. He drops the trailer on the ball and sends us off “code 2”. About half way to the launch the trailer lifts off the ball and folds the tail gate in. 2/516” hitch over a 2” ball. The. Sargent is all worried about getting “written up” and I remind him who hooked the boat up. By that time someone else had responded so we were called back.
    New tailgate and not a word was said.
    Kenner, Louisiana 1980 Donzi 18'. 2+3 6.2 MPI Alpha 1

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    Management never gets held Accountable when they mess up. I'm surprised the Janitor didn't get Blamed