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When pigs fly...

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  • When pigs fly...

    I have been hunting with a group of guys I met on the internet for about 20 years now. We have one huge hunt every year called the Granger Ranger Xtreme Hunt, but we also do smaller hunts throughout the year. Last weekend was the When Pigs Fly hunt.

    The goal is to hunt dove (with shotguns) and shoot pigs (with archery gear), drink beer, camp, and mess around on our boats on the lake and in the river; basically to have all kinds of fun. This is the first big hunt of the year for most of us and also the first time we all get together on the water with our boats.

    In the 20 years we have been doing things like this I have seen our boats go from 10' flat bottoms with trolling motors to large flat bottoms with tunnel hulls and all the bells and whistles. We generally have most everything from old Lonestar hulls to $50 dollar Panga boats; some in great running condition, others held together with bailing wire and a prayer.

    The San Gabriel river, and Lake Granger in particular, is rough on boats. On any given trip we have swamped boats, busted props, bent prop shafts, busted off skegs and destroyed lower units.

    Just recently has my boat, Beer Barge, been put back into operation after a fuel system remodel and a couple of new power packs. So my stated goal this trip was to NOT tear something up on my newly running Beer Barge. In fact, the only problem we ha was that on boat had a dead battery at the ramp, on Jim's new boat. A quick trip to the store fixed that easily enough and the bad mojo seemed to be gone.

    All weekend we hunted, drank beer, swam, ran our boats and had loads of fun. The Beer Barge ran well all weekend and didn't even give me a single hiccup; and all the other boats made it home unscathed as well.

    All in all it was a great weekend. There really is nothing quite as fun as messing around on small(ish) boats with a bunch of great people!
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    Glad you had a goodtime.Im heading out sunday for partridge .Other than my 2 buds we will rarely if at all see another human for a week.


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      Removed as I would certainly be chastised over the post


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        Originally posted by jimmbo View Post
        Removed as I would certainly be chastised over the post
        Reality can be so complex that equally valid observations from differing perspectives can appear to be contradictory.


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          sounds like an awesome time.

          I keep thinking of throwing a little outboard on my jon boat. right now I still row it out for fishing.......