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I am sure it was funny to watch.

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  • I am sure it was funny to watch.

    So after a stressful week at work my wife suggested we go boating last night. We went to a close lake and were on the water in 15 minutes. It was a beautiful evening and the old mercury 400 was running great. Was running down the lake when I heard a pop, little concerning but I looked back at the motor and nothing was out of order the sound did not seem to come out of the motor.

    Then the motor died went back to check it out the gas line fitting had popped off the motor, weird I thought put it back on proceed to flood the motor when repriming the line. I was content to sit on the water and let the cylinders dry out but a guy offered a tow so I took him up on it. I figured I would get back to the landing I would work on the motor. The tow went well till we got to the landing there was another boat sitting at the landing but the dock was open, when the tow boat released the line we were headed at the back of the boat on the landing. My boat is an old tin boat with a closed bow I had to crawl up over the windshield get on the bow and catch the boat to avoid a slow speed collision. I stopped the boat but slipped and in I went to about 3-1/2 feet of water. Had the cell phone in my pocket to add to my embarrassment.

    Well at that point the fun was over loaded up the boat and brought it home. I got up this morning and had a cup of coffee and I turned the phone on, somehow my 3 month old I phone turned back on and works. My wife and I had a good laugh about it this morning.

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    Any time you can laugh at yourself, it is a good thing. To bad too many others never can do that. However, I am sure it was funny to see anyways.
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      put your phone in a bag of rice that helps it dry i have experience in this lol i have the worst luck with phones
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        It's always funny to watch. No harm no foul for you.

        I took a spill if the beam on the trailer. 280lbs came crashing down. Hit that beam square right about where my kidneys are. One if the blackest bruises 8 have ever had and a bruised ego.

        All because a sheriff decided to nose into shore and leave their jet engaged to hold them there with the thrust going across the ramp and I was rushing as the bow moved out of position.
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          My father keeps his cell phone in his shirt pocket

          Every year he drops it in the water.
          Every year i pull the battery, rinse the phone with bottled water first, then 94% isopropyl alcohol. Then i let sit until morning.
          Fresh water is not a problem

          Only when he dropped it in salt water did the phone have a shortened life after
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            yep. i have fixed a few phones by disassembling them and soaking them in isopropyl alcohol for an hour or so. good as new after that. it isn't the water that harms them, it is the minerals in the water. the alcohol cleans these minerals away


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              I have no idea how to disassemble an iPhone I went and got a new one this morning.


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                Originally posted by DeepCMark58A View Post
                I have no idea how to disassemble an iPhone I went and got a new one this morning.
                It is actually quite easy. Just replaced the screen on mine. YouTube is your friend.


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                  Well I will have to keep that in mind but I think I will just leave the phone in the truck when boating.


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                    maybe try the waterproof cases i have seen? not sure how good they are though. i will say that my daughter bought a lifeproof case for her iphone 5 and went cliff diving in wales (Europe) with it and it was fine. that phone was in water several times with that case and still worked when she got her new one 2 years later.


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                      Life proof cases work.


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                        Originally posted by MH Hawker View Post
                        put your phone in a bag of rice that helps it dry i have experience in this lol i have the worst luck with phones
                        This is actually what a tech will recommend, too. I have brand new desiccant packets I keep in a sealed container for many reasons. Drying out my waterproof Samsung S7 was recently added to that list. It may be waterproof, but why risk it?


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                          My usual weekend attire is jeans and a pocket tee shirt. I rarely put my phone in that pocket. I spend a lot of time on the water between pleasure boating, hunting and fishing and have been using a life proof case for a couple of years.

                          Well, sure enough, I just quickly threw my phone in the shirt pocket while I was cranking up the hunting rig. No big deal I figured. I had just bent over enough the phone slid ot of my pocket into about a foot of water. I fished it out after what was probably only 30 seconds or something, but when i opend the case to get the phone out, it was bone dry.

                          Moral or the story: life proof case worked. I just wish they made one for HTC brand phones.

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