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Why emails are prohibited on iboats

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  • Why emails are prohibited on iboats

    The moderators remove email addresses daily and often are looked at as the "bad guys" for that action.

    Here is the main reason - to protect our member's !!

    Bots sniff these forums and soak up unprotected email addresses


    As an example There are currently 952 users online. 100 members and 852 guests There are many bots in those numbers.
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    Re: Why emails are prohibited on iboats

    Also for our members safety purposes, Please do not post personal phone numbers on open forum, they are subject to deletion as well. You are welcome to disclose your personal information or phone number by private message only to those you trust. Thanks.
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      Those of us that are either former or retired military, trained for years in OPSEC (Operations Security) and COMSEC(Communications Security) will also say that you also shouldn't place your FULL NAME or other identifying information (like license/reg numbers, addresses etc in pictures) in any open forum either.

      That information is known as EEFI's ............. Essential Elements of Friendly Information.............that, by themselves certainly are not pieces of classified material and don't constitute a security breach.............., but in combination with OTHER information CAN result in allowing the "enemy" being able to put together a "picture" of identifying information after comparing the "whole", together..............

      Identity Thieves do this all the time!



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