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Pay off house early? Medically retired last 4 years

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    Here’s the deal. We have insufficient information. We get Little bits of info., probably will never get sufficient info. Asking strangers with little or no expertise on the internet for financial advice is probably the worst place to seek financial advice. The OP needs to consult a CPA or professional financial adviser for guidance.


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      Originally posted by Sprig View Post
      If you can’t itemize Then the attractiveness of mortgage interest diminishes or completely disappears.
      I will disagree. I have a loan on one of my houses that is 4%. I can't itemize. That's still WAY less than what I make on investments. Why would I pay off 4% money with money making 8%?

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        Originally posted by bruceb58 View Post
        Did you itemize or take the standard deduction for 2018 taxes?
        std, but do have a son in college


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          Originally posted by ezbtr View Post

          std, but do have a son in college
          Just finished putting two kids thru school. Only tuition is taken into consideration. When all is said and done you end up with roughly a $2,500 a year deduction


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            Having no debt is always better, more importantly if or when everything crashes again having no debt will make it easier to come out the other side in better shape
            The trouble with trouble is it starts as fun!