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hot dip vs electro galvanizing

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  • hot dip vs electro galvanizing

    I'm putting my docks in soon and will be using some new chains to anchor.

    I saw two types of galvanizing, which is better really?

    hot dip vs electro galvanizing?

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    Electrolytic galvanizing produces a very thin coatings of zinc.

    Hot dip is produced by dipping the material in a bath of molten zinc to deposit a thick coating of zinc.

    Galvanizing is a sacrificial coating, meaning that it “wears off” overtime. Where long term protection is the goal, thicker is better


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      On roofing nails-hot dip holds better and lasts longer. Electro gal. rusts faster.
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        Yup just re-did a roof and used hot dipped galvanized nails as a result of these comments
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