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TV Techies, Subwoofer

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  • TV Techies, Subwoofer

    Built a new tv stand unplugged tv, sound bar, cable box to replace stand. Plugged everything back in. Took forever to get the sound bar working. Now working, but the sub isn't, had done a factory reset on the sound system. Tried pairing the sub with the bar. Still not working. red light is on and not blinking. tried multiple times. Sub volume is up on system remote. Vizio 5.1 wireless sub


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    Well, I did something, not sure what, but it's working.... I can stop banging my head against the wall during this whole process...


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      Sounds like those mysterious electrons at it again. You just can't trust them sometimes.
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        Vizio has done some weird things with their systems over the years, my soundbar just quit working and I could not figure it out, then a guy told me to push and hold a combination of buttons for like 38 seconds, then unplug, plug back in and low and behold it worked!


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          I got it working by using the optical cable. I didnt have it plugged in far enough in the bar. B4 all this hapoened I was using hdmi. Still cant get that to work. Had to go to town so I can replace the optical on the bedroom tv.. lol