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L1/L2 Balanced

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    Sure, my house wasn't that bad but close.....It's old and things had been moved here and there over many years. The generator wattage meter I installed next to the breaker box I guess sorta made me take notice..........


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      Originally posted by jakedaawg View Post
      Thanks for the explanations. Knowledge is good to have...
      In simple terms divide your generators rated KW by 2 and that is the amount of KW available for each half of your panel. On a vertical panel breakers across from each other are on the same leg. Breakers adjacent to each other are on alternate legs. This is for single pole breaker spaces in the panel.
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        It's funny; I worked for a electric company 10 years; and learned a lot of the basic stuff; but the L1-L2 came from the CO-OP. Didn't know what a balanced panel meant; plus other stuff.

        Thanks Sam; Good post.