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Is this watermelon ripe (Vid)

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  • Is this watermelon ripe (Vid)

    I haven't posted in a while because I am in between boats. I do remember out of all the forums I belonged to you guys were the smartest by far, no kidding.

    Maybe someone can help me here. I want to know if it is time to pick this watermelon. I always screw this up and find the inside of the melon mostly white.

    Can someone watch this short video and give me some help or more ideas. Thanks

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    When you rub your hand across the color bands you should feel rise and fall/ripple=ripe. Smooth=green. Never could get the thump sound correct.
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      Look for the patch where the melon would have been on the ground (called the field spot). If it's a yellow colour its probably ripe, if it's white, it's probably not. Watermelons need generally 80 or more days of warm/hot temperatures to mature and ripen. Since it's almost October and depending where in the US you are located the temperatures are dropping, if it's not ripe it probably won't ripen any more.
      At this point you may as well harvest it. Doubt it will ripen any more unless you live in a hot climate. Also it ripening depends on many factors including climate, temperatures, soil, fertilizer, water etc. it may never ripen if mentioned factors aren't just right.
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        Read this in The Farmers Almanac years ago. Take a broom straw; lay it across the crown of the melon. If it turns parallel it is good. If not; it is over ripe or has a bad center.


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          Leaving the melon on the vine too long will ruin it too. Let us know how it turns out.