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5th wheel tires.......

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  • 5th wheel tires.......

    I need to replace 2. 225/75R15
    So I decided to replace all 4 and go with Maxxis.... I currently have load range D. Should I stick with that or go to Es? My initial thought was to stick with the Ds so the trailer doesn't ride too stiff....... I believe GVWR is 10k+, not heavy...... I have 4400# axles.....

    BTW, the speed rating on Maxxis is R? That doesn't sound right...


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    Sounds about right, Maxxis is a good tire and many of the manufactures use them, no reason to go up to E range, the D range tire is what is spec'd out by the manufacture and that is in conjunction with all of the other features of the trailer, to give the best ride and load carry capacity that the trailer was designed for.


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      That was my thinking too, MT..... Wanted to verify I was on the right track...

      Planned on ordering here, cheapest I've seen, Summit wants $140ea:

      Sold by 4wheel online.

      I go to their site and get this, discontinued by Manuf.

      I go to Maxxis and find them fine, what gives?
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        Another thing I found interesting as far as the load rating. Looking at Maxxis's site, the load rating for 4 Ds is `100#s less than the trailers GVWR..... Ds are from the factory, I checked..


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          Sounds like they are doing what a lot of other companies are doing these days, they have started publishing a number 20% under the actual rating of the tire because of some litigation that happened a few years ago over trailer tires, they were putting the actually carry capacity on the tire and people were overloading them and blowing tires at speed, so they started publishing under rating by about 20% to compensate for what they know owners of them will do. Overloading trailers is a very common thing now a days, It also depends on the axles, yours should have Dexter torsion axles in it, which are also under rated a bit to compensate for what they know is going to happen in the real world.

          Now, as far as ordering online and having them mounted locally, you need to check with Maxxis to see if they have a list of tire stores in your area that can mount them and service the warranty, not all tire companies use what the manufactures think they should and then won't honor a warranty if something happens with one of the tires. So just make sure that you can get service and after the sale problems taken care of, if needed. Ran into that a lot when I was helping my friend out with his shop.

          By the way, how many miles do the tires you currently have on your trailer have on them? and are the tires showing excessive wear?

          As far as being discontinued, it could be as simple as Maxxi does not want that company selling their tires any longer, I have seen that happen before and seen discontinued notices on websites that were two years early only to find out they did something to make the company mad so they pulled the line from them. Maxxis could have sent a notice that they were going to discontinue the tire sometime in the future and there is still a lot of stock out there, or they could have simply changed some of the information that is imprinted on the side of the tire and they decided to change the model number. You just never know.


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            No idea the mileage. I know 2 were replaced by the previous owner. One is a Towmax, like the other 2 and one is a Marathon....... Originally I was just going to replace the other 2 with Towmax..... At least 3 would match.... On that I was going to replace was starting to weather check....
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              Just ordered 4. I had a bunch of reward points. Never knew how to use them until now. Only costing me $93! No tax or shipping....


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                Originally posted by WIMUSKY View Post
                Just ordered 4. I had a bunch of reward points. Never knew how to use them until now. Only costing me $93! No tax or shipping....