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  • Finding a thread

    I use this forum primarily on my Android phone. I started a thread I wanted to add to but I can't find it. I go to my profile and look at my activity and I have none...on posts I have like two that I think we're from years ago....how do I find?

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    I just checked, and under your profile, you have recently started topics....



    it appears to open as a static page, but scroll down your profile page and you should find both

    Find all posts


    Find all started topics

    click whichever catagory you need....

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      Well I'm missing something then..I hit on my profile where I picked up the notification for this thread and I see no other activity...I have started 50 plus threads on this site I'm sure .


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        I'm on an android cell too....

        Try logging out, turn phone off and back on.... then log in again.

        I just copied url for 2 most recent started topics I found listed under your profile.

        You may also be only partially logged in, its a known glitch.

        I too was able to view topics in their entirety and post to them, but was logged out.

        had to log back in once I noticed about 5min ago.

        I always leave 1 PM left unopened, that way my profile link in the upper right corner ALWAYS shows I have a message IF I am actually logged in. If it doesnt, I know I'm not really logged in..... And yep, I can perform most Mod functions while in limbo.....

        anyway, heres a screen shot of your All posts and All started topics as shown on your profile from an Android
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20190210-105326_Samsung Internet.jpg
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Size:	177.2 KB
ID:	10704201

        I'd be willing to bet you arent actually logged in....

        you have 2 pages of started topics listed when I look, so, yeah, more then 40 (I have my settings set to show the max per page, which is 40) started for sure.
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        Money spent @ Boat Restoration should be measured in Smiles & Pride SHOP IBOATS-BOAT SPECS-FORUM HELP-REPAIR/RESTO


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          Look for the filter selection after clicking on Activity, on a phone it may be the upper right corner.. By default the selection is the last month and clicking All time will show all posts within limits. In my case, I have to use Advanced Search cuz I have more posts than the limit - It sure isn't 30K posts

          Better yet is to click on Find all started topics from your Profile Overview, Much shorter list than using Activity and only shows your started threads unlike Activity which shows all posts if the filter is changed.

          BTW - I see two pages of started threads for you.
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