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What are your other hobbies?

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  • What are your other hobbies?

    So, as the title states, what are your other hobbies or interests? List them here! Past and present, anything...
    Pictures are most welcomed.
    I was into motorcycles a while ago, then pooled my money from that into a classic Mustang, then sold that and rolled that money into boating. Luckily, each time, as I switched hobbies, I ended up with a profit. One of my less expensive hobbies is our koi pond. We've enjoyed it now for 9 seasons. It has evolved over the years and now it's 1500 gallons with a waterfall and a fountain. There are about 30 fish in there. Goldfish, comets, shubunkins and of course various koi. The koi are the biggest. Ranging from 12" to over 24".
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    I suffer from OCDIYD (obsessive compulsive do it yourself disorder), so I'd rather eat a bar of soap than pay anyone for anything. Our boat and river house keep me plenty busy, as well as maintaining our main home and three out of warranty cars. Picking away at refinishing my folk's 60 yrs old Kroehler Maple and like projects fill any free time.
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      Hunting, fishing, reloading, target shooting, leather craft, rod building. I used to build and fly RC years ago and still have most of my planes. Was an avid SCUBA diver for years but sold my gear last Summer. I can't just sit idle and need hobbies to keep me going. The admiral calls me a hobby addict.
      - Eric

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        Other current hobbies are photography, been doing that off and on since the late '70's, used to develop B&W film in my bedroom back then, no wonder l'd wake up with a headache,

        a bit of gardening around the joint, just flowers, too much work in vegetables etc etc for this little black duck,
        mucking around in the shed on different old outboard motors, british sealgulls ( 3 ) one 50hp redband merc...these may or may not see water again as we don't have suitable boats for them...at the moment,

        three trailer boats in MY backyard ( 2 sons, one mine ) so l get to " muck around in boats " a bit while they work.

        another moored boat nearby

        done much the same as the other posters above have done though l rarely do much of the maintenance to the family jalopies anymore, most of the gear needed is there though,

        wonky knees and hips have pushed those jobs to my son, changed a starter motor for me last week

        any other spare time is taken up with doctor and hospital appointments these days, although not strictly a hobby


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          Boy talk about a loaded question!!!

          I am one of those guys that goes off on whims, I have done boats, cars restoration, woodworking, scuba when stationed in Hawaii, jumped out of airplanes, RC helicopters, archery, photography, home theater systems, now one of my hobbies is building guns. I did long range shooting competitions for a long time.

          Drives my wife crazy, cause she knows how I am and each new hobby costs us a fortune, then ends up sitting on the shelf when I find my next interest. She knows I am not a half in guy, if I decide I am interested it is all in or don't do it.

          Looks like my next few months will be taken getting the cataracts on my eyes taken care of, so I can see again! Heavily included on my left eye right now and starting to develop quickly on my right eye, so that is my priority, losing my sight is a non-negotiable point, I have to get it fixed.
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            It all depends on your definition of a hobby....

            If a "hobby" is something you do in your spare time, then fishing is my only hobby. Without fishing, I would not own a boat, gotten into competitive angling or the Custom Rod and Reel business.

            If "maintaining" is a hobby, then could write a book....lol

            To name a few.....

            Habitat promotion and Evasive species management:

            Equipment Maintenance and Repair:

            Recreation Management:

            Property Management:

            Soft Wood Preservation:



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              Wow, wow, wow. Okay if I can remember everything.

              R/C planes and boats in my early years, was even an R/C instructor. Computer programming Professionally and Hobby wise, Guns, Casting Bullets, Reloading, Metal Working, Electronics of all types, Rebuild Autos, Mechanic, Wood Working, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Rod Building, Jig Molding and Tying, Boat Rebuilding, anything you can think of on a vehicle I've rebuilt from inside to out. Archery, We even built our own Arrows, Black Power Guns, Shooting, Home Projects of all type, Furniture Building, Looking into metal casting of aluminum and brass/copper. Yes, I stay pretty busy. I guess that's about it, or at last all I can remember at this time.
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                Uh oh, what did I start!
                Some of the answers jogged my memory banks! I've also done some reloading and used to shoot a lot too. Done the archery thing too. There's something about a compound bow. It's primitive yet modern. I gotta get my bow out and hit some targets!

                I used to fish and hunt a lot, but slowed down on those things too. Small game was nice because you're on your feet moving around in beautiful fall weather. Big game could get boring, but the payoff was nice. Lots of good meat!
                I've always been into auto repairs. Mainly because I like saving money and don't trust most " mechanics". Oh, wait they call them "auto techs" theses days, don't they?
                I've always wanted to try SCUBA and skydiving, but never did either and at age 61, I don't think those are happening.


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                  Hunting (rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, compound, and crossbow) and fishing.


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                    Originally posted by poconojoe View Post
                    I've always wanted to try SCUBA and skydiving, but never did either and at age 61, I don't think those are happening.
                    If a 92 year old grandma can do it, surely a middle aged man can

                    I’ll be celebrating the 40th anniversary of my 21st birthday in a couple of weeks.

                    I guess I’m lucky... the only thing slowing me down is a shortage of corruptible co-conspirators to play with


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                      Originally posted by MTboatguy View Post
                      Looks like my next few months will be taken getting the cataracts on my eyes taken care of, so I can see again! Heavily included on my left eye right now and starting to develop quickly on my right eye, so that is my priority, losing my sight is a non-negotiable point, I have to get it fixed.
                      Just went through that in October and it was the best decision I think I ever made. Went a little stir crazy not being able to do heavy lifting, high power shooting, felling trees, etc but it was well worth it. I figured that there is no time of the year that being on a light duty chit for 4 weeks works out well and I imagine you are in the same situation but the end results were well worth it. I was looking forward to our annual family three gun shoot on Christmas now that I could use open sights on rifle again and could win all competitions. However it was not to be since the youngest boy who wins the rifle part was outconus this year, oldest one's gf had a family emergency and was a no show, The only other one the is a close competitor is my grandaughter who just turned 15 and chose to spend the day with her goofy teen girlfriends. There's always next yearr.

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                        Most of my free time is spent working on the house or playing with my son. Luckily, he's picked up all of dad's interests so far. He loves to fish with me, and hopefully next year he'll be able to start walking fields with me when we go hunting. We play guitar together from time to time, and he might get his own for his birthday this year.

                        In the past, I used to spend a lot of time working on hot rods and shooting, but havent' done much of either recently. When the boys are a bit older, we want to get a coyote mustang to mess around with. My last "fun" car was a heads/cam/intake 2002 Z/28. Miss that piece of junk lol.


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                            Is work a hobby ? Seems that’s all I do lately . When not working trying to get boat projects done .
                            ‘I do fish some and have been surfing since I was 15 ..
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                              In my 20,s it was motorcycles,my favorite being a 1981 Kawasaki kz 1300 with custom 6 into one headers.As I got older I reloaded and target shot,fishing ,outboard repair,snowmobiles,35mm camera collecting,and vintage stereo system collecting.Working on cars and trucks was a big part of my life too and of course women which happily went hand in hand with motorcycles and muscle cars.Now at sixty its atving ,boating,and trying to stay on this side of the dirt,lol.