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Refueling Safety Tip

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  • Refueling Safety Tip

    With just a few precautions this event could have been prevented with no loss of life

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    Good topic. Also a recent topic. Google translation: a crew member refuel in one of the boats. In doing so, a flare was generated and triggered the fire."

    From what I could see at second 14, someone on the dock behind the boat touched off a spark, and then boom. "No smoking" means just that. Gas vapors travel.
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      There was a time that refueling at a gas station here in Ontario the use of cell phones was prohibited, not now for some reason. All it takes is one spark to ignite the fumes. I am surprised the guy on the boat especially survived, both will never be the same, physically and emotionally. Working in the steel plant for over 30 years I have experienced bad burns on myself and many others. The best safety meeting I ever held was a 10 minute walk down the halls of the burn ward of a local hospital in Hamilton best known in Ontario for burn victims. The smell will never leave you.
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        Agree with all safety precautions when fueling. Cell phones are no longer prohibited because they to not give off an open spark that is nearly enough to ignite fuel in the most optimal circumstances. No one has been able to provide any evidence of a cell phone causing a fire at a gas station or fueling area. There have been countless tests in controlled environments with all styles of phones trying to ignite fuel vapors, it just doesn't happen.

        What was once attributed to cell phones has been determined to be static shock. People would start fueling, get in their vehicles to talk on their phones, exit the vehicle with phone to ear, not grounding themselves on the side of the vehicle. As soon as they touched the nozzle, spark and flame ensued.

        Safety Note: do not re-enter your vehicle when fueling. If you do re-enter, ground yourself on the door frame or metal bollard at the gas pump prior to touching gas nozzle.


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          Dang that was the opposite of good.