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iBOATS Pickem Final

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  • iBOATS Pickem Final


    What a fight to the finish. bassman picked up 14 wins to 1 up GA and tie him for the top spot giving him what appears the tiebreaker. A bunch at 13, 12, 11 wins. Good job everyone!

    Till next year....

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    Wow. So you're saying I won on the tie breaker? As long as we've been doing this I've never really understood how the tie breaker works. Well, it's fun to win no matter what crazy way you do it. Thanks all.

    Good fight, GA. I was sure you had me until the Bears came through. Wait til next year, eh?.


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      They had you listed 1st. Could be you had the most correct this week for the tiebreaker. I don't know either.... Lol


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        Yeah maybe that's it. They always have you pick the score on the Monday night game as the tiebreaker but then star results as using the tiebreaker long before that score is available so I've always figured there were other factors. Their game, their rules.


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          Maybe the Group Creator knows for sure, PSU Homer.....


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            I have no clue how the tie breaker works ... many say I just have no clue. Period.


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              The man behind the curtain ...
              Congrats guys well done !
              '64 MFG Rebuild
              MFG forum thread https://forums.iboats.com/mfg/64-edin...ay-524708.html


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                OVERALL TIEBREAKERS:

                Tiebreaker #1 - Higher number of points scored for Week 17

                Tiebreaker #2 - Higher number of points scored for Week 16

                Tiebreaker #3 - Higher number of points scored for Week 15

                Tiebreaker #4 - Higher number of points scored for Week 14

                Tiebreaker #5 - Higher number of points scored for Week 13 Tiebreakers will continue backwards from week thirteen (13) until week one (1).

                Tiebreaker #6 - - A random draw between all remaining Entrants to determine the winner. In all cases, an entry that does not win a tiebreaker is eliminated from consideration.


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                  Sign up today
                  I was right...... Luck guess..lol