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tow rope knots

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  • tow rope knots

    Picked up 1st tube and a tow rope rated for it. Tow rope has a loop at either end. Tube has a strap with loop in it. I am towing with a bridle.

    I am thinking to thread tow rope through its own loops on either end then connect bridle to boat. Is this the best way? Is it okay to have tube connected to boat in a manner than can not be easily disconnected except by detaching the bridle? Or is a good old bowline the way to go?

    Thanks - can't wait to use it!

    Rochester NY
    1990 Four Winns 150 Freedom w/ 60HP Evinrude VRO OB
    Tow Vehicle: Toyota Sienna w/ factory tow option
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    Re: tow rope knots

    Thats the way I have one of my tubes connected. I have seen them conected with metal devises I am not a big fan of that. I have another tube with a plastic conector like the bridle I like that best.