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Bought a boat that came with a BUNCH of stuff

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  • Bought a boat that came with a BUNCH of stuff

    I don't ski or wake board nor does my family...I suppose keeping a set around in case we have a guest on the water is an option, but how to I know what any of this stuff is worth if anything? boat came with wake skate, wake board, tube, buncha ropes, a vintage O'Brien slalom, another newer slalom, and a couple sets of regular skis; one set is "extra wide". I'm not sure if I want to store it all; we are keeping the tube and wondered if the other stuff was worth keeping or trying to price & sell?

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    I'd say it's time to start skiing and wakeboarding....and I'm 61.
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      Craigslist... should give you an idea of what you can sell those items for, if you so chose to.


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        it's hard to say without pictures. The old slalom ski it probably worth 50 bucks tops. 40-50 bucks for combos. Maybe 100 for the wakeboard. What kind of ski is the newer one ?
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          I'm storing it all in my covered trailer with my lawn mower and junk...I'll get out there and take some pics eventually and report back but I think it says HO on it.

          I'd probably keep one set of skis in case anyone ever wanted to try...but I'm too old & sore and my step daughters and their boyfriends are entitled softies so I don't ever see them trying anything new or risky like a wake skate LOL.


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            once you try wakeboarding, you will get a bug and want to do it.

            the wider skis are for beginners, helps get on top of the water easier and at a much slower speed

            i have 4 sets of skis myself, one was bought the summer after I was born. learned to ski on those. so they will never be sold. the others are a cet of wake-board skis, a set of combos and a junk set that came with my first boat (will become wall art along with the old Gale outboard)
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              Hi, everyone. I did't want to create a new topic, the question is pretty banal. I thought about buying a small cutter for fishing, entertainment such as water skis and relaxing with my family. Some damn are expensive. So what you think about this Bayliner 275 Cruiser? I think it's too expensive. Can found good options on the used market to $20K?


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                Originally posted by MikeBiggers View Post
                Hi, everyone. I did't want to create a new topic, the question is pretty banal.
                You should start a new topic about your questions,

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