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    I've noticed my handle for water skiing seems to be more slippery than it used to be. Some days it isn't bad, but other days I just can't keep a good grip. I've had it for probably 10 years, so I'm thinking it just might be wearing out and needs replacement, and was wondering if anyone has advice about a handle with a good grip. I'm a basic, 2 ski skiier, so don't need anything fancy. I'm looking at two right now, and one has an eva grip while the other has a textured tpr grip. I tried to include links, but only the general store link appears so I'll include names instead. The first is west marine 75 foot one section water ski tow rope, textured tpr tractor grip, and the other is connelly 75 foot universal waterski rope, eva grip. Any advice?

    Oh, and I've tried gloves, but just can't seem to find ones that work with my tiny hands!
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    I've had some of those and they work great until the rubber cover starts coming apart, and it doesn't take that long before it starts. Its rubber over an aluminum tube. I would suggest looking longer for gloves. Have a friends with small hands and he just buys girls gloves instead of guys
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      yeah, gloves. Back in the day when I was an almost competitive slalom guy i couldn't believe how much diff gloves made even on a good, new handle.
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        The oils from your hand and sunscreen build up on the handle and cause it to be slippery. Take some 80 or 100 grit sandpaper and lightly scuff the rubber all the way around the handle. I do this to all of my regularly used barefoot handles every year, and sometimes once during the summer if someone else uses them that used a bunch of sunscreen. I have handles that are over 10 years old and still have good "traction".

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          if you are willing to spend some money i can attest that masterline handles have really good grip with or without gloves. They have a few cheaper versions for around 50-60 bucks. Just make sure you get the 1" version as that is the standard diameter.
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            Thanks everyone. You've giving me a lot to think about!