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1988 Ski Supreme Pylon Replacenent

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  • 1988 Ski Supreme Pylon Replacenent

    I have an '88 ski supreme that needs a pylon replacement. Looking for pylon supplier recommendations for this boat, or suggestions for getting a new pylon custom machined. I am more interested in a solid pylon than the original look, so sourcing pre-made is preferred, but will consider both options. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hey nh-skier,
    I thought the original was solid? I wonder if it changed but know the early 80's models are. With that being said, I could not find a replacement for mine anywhere. I found some that were close but I'd have to make several modifications to the mounts to get it to work. I ended up having one machined at a local machine shop. It wasn't terribly expensive, If you have the old one, any machine shop should be able to copy easily. I made mine 4" longer than stock which also helped out with snagging the engine cowl.


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      Dave please take note of when a topic was last posted to. Its been a while since NH started this topic and he hasnt been back since posting this.

      After 90days of inactivity, best not to post to the topic unless you started it.
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