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Bass Pro XPS Water Skis

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  • Bass Pro XPS Water Skis

    A pair of combo XPS water skis were thrown into the deal when we bought our boat. Looks like they were about $130 new. Anyone use these before?

    I'm in my late 30's and have got into boating the past few years through my wife's family. I have been up on my FIL's skis a couple times a few years ago so now that I have come into my own skis I thought I would play around with these XPS skis a little this summer and see what how it goes. Not sure what to expect from these skis so thought I would ask here if anyone had used them before or knew anything about them.

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    They look like run of the mill combo skis, will work fine for skiing on 2 skis and will be pretty bad on one if you actually try to carve a turn.
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      Thanks, oldjeep. This is the type of info I was looking for. I am not expecting greatness from a store-branded ski, but any bad behaviors are good to be warned about in advance. Skiing on two skis should be enough to handle this season. While I likely won't be carving a turn on one ski for a while, I will keep your advice in mind when the time comes.