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Power for wakeboarding/tubing

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  • Power for wakeboarding/tubing

    Looking at buying a 18-20' boat. Most of the time we would have 4-5 passengers & would like to pull a tube. Would the 3.0 be under powered for this? I was thinking the 4.3 would be the minimum & 5.0 or 5.7 preferred.

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    you can tube behind a 40hp outboard on a 17 foot boat

    with a larger boat and a 3.0 you would need to have multiple propellers for various water sports.

    I would look at a 4.3 minimum
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      I had a 3.0 20ft cuddy for 5 years.. was a heavy sucker... had to run a 4 blade, pulled tubes ok.... that said.. get a bigger motor if you can
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        Water sports = bigger motor. It makes it more fun.
        A 4.3 would be fine.


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          Regardless of the engine, propping is really important. I can prop a 3.0 litre engine in a 20' to be quite 'lively', and I can prop a 5.7 in an 18' to be a dog. With a 3 litre in a 20', as Scott said, many props. That said, for tow sports, bigger is generally better. But also remember, bigger engine, generally more motion-lotion. And 4.3 in a 20' is fine. (It's what I have, and it's plenty good enough)...

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            my chaparral 2050 sl (20 and a bit) has a 4.3. we were out with 5 this weekend (mind u 2 were children) and it popped right up and had plenty of guts to have fun at around 3000 rpm. 2800 she just stayed up and threw a nice wake would have been good for boarding, though a little quick (could have trimmed up a bit to fix this). putting the hammer down would have been a bad time for the guy on the tube.


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              fair warning, I'm one of those people that skied behind a 50hp outboard and loved it.