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New boat purchase

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  • New boat purchase

    Hey all,

    I am new to the forum here, but i am looking for some insight on opinions for my next boat purchase. I am trying to decide between three different boats, and i am looking for best value (not loose $ when i go to sell down the road), best reliability, and best wake for wake/surf. Here are the three boats i am looking at:

    1. 2015 SUPRA SG450 with 160 hours for $80k
    2.2018 (new) Malibu 22 VLX for $99k
    3. 2019 Mastercraft NXT 22 for $84k

    Please let me know your thoughts and experiences, want to make a solid purchase for my family to enjoy.
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    all boats lose $ down the road.... cant get around that fact. best reliability? anything outboard......... easier to work on. where are u boating and how many people are going?
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      The Supra is more than a foot bigger than the others so you get more space and a bigger wake at the cost of more fuel burned. It has taken the 'new' boat hit on depreciation already so might be a good purchase. The hours are not an issue if it was maintained well. The MC and Malibu have bigger sales bases so more people will trust those highly on resale. (caveat, I don't tend to sell boats so don't rely on me) You will notice a significant difference in the boats when you test drive them. That will really help you choose. All are good boats.
      When you test drive them try filling the ballasts and seeing how the wakes are and how they handle.