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oBrien kneeboard - hook

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  • oBrien kneeboard - hook

    I got an obrien kneeboard with our boat purchase and it didn't have a hook. I bought one of these:


    I installed it with threaded inserts and epoxied it in...it came out today while pulling an adult.

    I'm trying to figure out the best way to fasten a hook onto the board. I'm not good enough to get up without a hook.

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    the hooks are for after you get on plane. too much force to pull you out of the water by it.
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      hmmm...interesting. On my buddy's board, we always used to pull up out of water with handle on hook. I thought it was because it was retrofit mounted.


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        I have never heard of a hook like that and I have been knee boarding for 20+years. We have always started off in deep water, laying on the board with one hand palm up and the other palm down on the rope grip. We started doing that after a buddy had both palms up and the rope broke and the grip hit him on the bridge of the nose. He was bloodied but didn't break it.
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          Never tried a hook. Maybe I am missing something awesome? I put my hands palm down over the rope handle, and grip the board with my fingers under it and my thumbs on the corner of the handle.
          After getting a new knee last year, I can't bend enough to ride the knee board now.


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            the hook was nice because when riding, you could hook it and give your arms a break.

            Interesting. I had only done it once before and that board definitely had a hook...and considering obrien sells one... I'm just sayin'


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              If the manufacturer makes one, it seems reasonable to think that they thought that you might use it. In my next life, when my knee bends again, I will look into that.


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                Our latest kneeboard had a hook, but the older ones haven't. Learning on the older ones made the hook not very usefull.

                That said, did you just put a screw right through the board? If so, it's likely going in to foam which isn't very structural. The proper thing to do (in my opinion) would be to core out a hole. Then fashion a G10 rod with a threaded hole in the middle of it and bolt the hook to that.

                The cheap way would be to get a bolt that goes all the way through the board and put a not on the other side.

                I vote that you just figure it out without the hook, it's really not all that useful and learning how without the hook isn't too steep a learning curve.