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Glastron SX 175 Wake Size

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  • Glastron SX 175 Wake Size

    I'm looking at a 2001 Glaston SX 175 with the 4.3L.... My Question: I've heard Glastrons are very smooth, has anyone wakeboarded behind a SX 175? Does it produce a decent enough size wake for intermediate riders? Obviously that's a subjective question, I know. I currently have a 93 Four Winns 170 Freedom with the 2.3l and it actually has a wake with some decent pop (but the boat is seriously under powered). I know its random, just like to know if someone can tell me if I'll at least get the same size wake with the new boat. I'll post a pic below so anyone can see the current wake size of my current boat. Any input would be appreciated!


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    Too me the wake on a 175sx is big, but I was a slalom skier where a small wake is preferred. A as wake board boat, it is too light to make the ridiculous waves desired by boarders. There are boats designed specifically to make annoying wakes.


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      Thanks jimmbo!


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        You should be able to get a similar wake, but the wake in your photo is very clean and that helps when riding. On your current wake, I think I would take a bit of length out of the rope though.
        With the bigger engine you can easily run some water ballast. If you put a 400# bag in the bow and trim up the drive a bit once your are at speed your wake should be bigger than what you have now and there would be lots to learn behind a wake of the size you would be riding. The pros to back rolls on the flats with no wake. Good luck.


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          Much appreciated!!!


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            I learned to wakeboard off a maxum 18ft with only a 3.0. The wake was small standard, but add a few fat sac ballast tanks to the ski locker and sides...and trim up a bit...and she made a much bigger hole in the water. Fairly decent.
            Never going to be a nautique or a Malibu, but did the job