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Best way to attach tow rope for wake boarding

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  • Best way to attach tow rope for wake boarding

    I have an early 70's? Glastron V177 Swinger
    Either in law is all keen for wake boarding and the wife wants a tube for the kids

    Boat dosnt have tow post

    So options are tow from one or both of the rear dock cleats or tow from one or both of the transom tie down rings

    The tie down rings seem like the obvious chose but their location down low and close to either side of the stern drive make me concerned about the rope being that close to the prop.

    Someone also mounted plates for down riggers right beside the dock cleats then seem very secure
    Would it be wise to look into a customer bar that bolts to these


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    You can buy a "y" harness that goes from your tie down rings to a single connection point further behind the boat. I think mine had foam on it to make it float.
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      The only issue with doing either of those options would be the effect it would have on wakeboarding. When you wakeboard, you want the tow rope hooked to something higher up--like a rack. That way when you hop across the wakes you are not immediately pulled downward. You'd still be able to wakeboard behind it, but jumping or trying anything like that becomes very tough when the rope is connected to a low point on the boat. You can buy tow racks to install for about $300 or so. If you're just looking to tool around the lake though, connecting it to the rings with a y harness as suggested would work fine.


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        I agree with the other responses. We tow kids on tubes from transom rings and a Y harness. With a float and / or polypropylene rope for a harness it should stay away from the prop but the tow rope does get buried in the wake some times. Not that big an issue for small kids but can make it hard to put the tube "on the whip" outside the wake. Boarders would for sure want a higher tow point like from a pylon.


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          I wake board behind jet skis and boats using a bridle. no need to buy a tower. if you get serious into wake boarding, then get a serious wake boarding boat with a tower.
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            Thanks for the input.
            Looks like it will be mostly tubing and not much wakeboarding and the transum hooks worked Perfect.