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Hi 5 prop...likely results

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  • Hi 5 prop...likely results

    Posted earlier in prop section, not remembering about this section. Posted the following. Any likeminded kin or thoughts welcome....

    Speed loss expected when going from 3 to 5 blade
    Today, 05:05 PM

    Would like to think I'm pretty well up on propeller dynamics and issues 30+ years experience with fast boats (or as much as one can be on the black art or prop selection, haha) and I'm terribly aware that all boats respond different to different props, even unexpectedly ! So I ask the following question in the hope that people who have done the proposed can give me their experiences with similar set ups and circumstance. Even if you haven't, I would like to hear opinions and educated guesses from forum.

    I can't complain with my current set up, having the slip rate as about as low as it gets, but I'm wanting to get back into a bit of watersports this year and would like a prop that isn't too much of a compromise when not wakeboarding and water skiing.
    The obvious candidate is a Hi 5 prop. So the question is how much top end will I loose when going from the tried and tested laser 2 to this ? Will it be minimum enough to be able to leave it on all season.
    All the above is asked when keeping the same pitch of 19".
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    The High 5 is not as efficient, and you'll lose a some MPH, maybe six. You might be better with a vented 4 blade to give you more slip coming out of the hole and at slow speeds. This would allow you to regulate how quickly you get on plane by letting the engine RPM rise sooner with the added slow speed prop slip they can
    induce. You want the push of a larger surface area prop but that can cause the engine to bog more while the RPM is below your torque peak.

    One useful characteristic of watersports props is to run the engine at higher RPM at lower speeds so that speed control is more consistent. Many watersports occur near planing speeds so finer engine control is useful. This is the part that will hurt your top speed the most, as it usually means a lower prop pitch.


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      Thanks rallyart.
      A great point about the speed control. The laser 2 will sit at a min of 20 mph at best on plane. Even then it's not happy.


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        try a Ron Hill pleasure 5 blade, the wider width and bigger diameter makes a world of difference. the high five is 13 3/8" while the pleasure is 14 1/2" diameter, pushes more water and the blade width is wider, more grip in water too. and at just about half the price of a high five. I got 1 3yrs. ago and been happy with any skiing, tubing, wake and knee boarding with a full boat, I couldn't be happier. IMO.


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          Thanks Floater. I'll have a look at them now. Never heard of them.