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Looking for a wake board tower!!!

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  • Looking for a wake board tower!!!

    I am in the market for a wake board tower and was wondering what brand and model y'all use? Looking into getting the MTK Monster tower at the moment with the deal they have going.

    Any advice helps!


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    My tower is an Origin OWT-I. It was the cheapest tower I could find that looked decent. I ended up with a black tower. Whatever tower you end up with, make sure it will work with the beam on your boat. Most are pretty universal but if your boat is particularly wide or narrow it may not. Also make sure to follow the manufacturer's directions on backing plates. I did not need backing plates for my boat but you may depending on how thick your fiberglass is where you mount the tower. Some towers include them and some charge extra. You could also fabricate them yourself if you need them. Also, when you get to mounting the tower, taping off where you need to drill, drilling backwards through the gelcoat layer and countersinking your holes will help protect your gelcoat from spider cracking.


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      How do you like the OWT? I was looking at them earlier but wasnt too sure about the looks of them.


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        The MTK and the Cuda are my 2 favorite towers. I decided against any tower after being around towers, and getting tired of bumping my head.


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          I could get the Cuda for 800 + shipping with the sale they have right now


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            I bought a Big Air Ice for my boat. I think it was sub $600, thru a seller on eBay. I'm not a wake boarder so I got it really just to hang speakers from. In that regard, I like it fine, and it folds easy enough so I can get the boat in the garage. I think if I was using it for actual towing I'd want one with a bit more substance, for rigidity.

            Backing plates are a must... You won't regret it. I made mine from plywood and epoxy.
            2012 Stingray 195CX / VP 4.3GL