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Tower for 2005 Bayliner 185BR

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  • Tower for 2005 Bayliner 185BR

    Hey all, I'm new to this forum and am hoping for some help/advice on wakeboard tower installation.

    I have a 2005 Bayliner 185BR (4.3L, 190hp) and want to install a tower. I'm not a fan of the majority of after-market universal towers nor the aesthetics of the OEM tower previously sold on the 185s. I'm really a fan of the looks of the OEM tower (manufactured by XTP) sold on the 2005 195BR and I have the opportunity to purchase his tower. Unfortunately I'm not sure if the 195 tower will fit onto a 185 boat and the seller can't help.

    According to all the specifications data I can find comparing the beam width of both 185BR (7ft 9in) and 195BR (7ft 11in), the 2 inch difference seems manageable. I would assume there's enough flex in the tower to overcome these 2 inches. I also don't believe the boat length difference should matter.

    Can anyone provide knowledgeable insight as to whether or not putting this 195 tower onto a 185BR would work? Budget doesn't allow for the purchase of a different boat, so please refrain from simply telling me to spend my money on that option. Trying to work with what I've already got. Thanks!

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    T20 inches is a lot for a metal tube to adjust to. However, it may be dealt with in the nature of the mounts. Often the same tower is used on several boats and the swivel angle of the mounts will make up the difference. I am not familiar with towers on the Bayliners so hopefully you'll get additional information.
    Try calling the tower manufacturer and getting what help you can from them. The towers are not built by large companies and usually you sill find your answer from a good source there.