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Replacement Tow Points

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  • Replacement Tow Points

    I bought a Larson Lxi 210 that has a CMC waketower installed, however, it is missing the tow point at the top of the tower, it only has the hole the tow point was previously bolted to. CMC said they no longer have nor make this part any more. Are there any aftermarket tow points that I could get that can be bolted on?


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    What size hole have you got? Is it a threaded piece or just a hole in a piece of metal?

    Might be able to strip what you need off of this
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      If the hole dia works....

      Insert a trailer hitch ball. You won't be overloading the ball. Nice smooth surface that won't damage tow rope. And the rope isn't going to crawl over the ball.
      (note that there are a few different hitch "bolt hole" sizes to select from)

      That's the whole idea behind the tow/ski rope attachment points. Strong. No sharp edges. Rope stays secure.


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        Here's a weld on tow point:

        I know you're looking for a bolt on one, but that may be difficult.
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          Thanks for the replies! I'll have to measure the hole on the tower, t's larger than 1/2" though. Since it's so cheap, I'll try the trailer ball first, if it doesn't work out I'll buy the diywake.com tow spool, and just have it welded on to the tower.