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Looking for advice on first time wake boarding from my boat

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  • Looking for advice on first time wake boarding from my boat

    I am looking for a little advice on my first time wake boarding from my boat or any boat. I have wake boarded at a cable park before and am a kiteboarder.

    I recently got my wakeboard set up (rope and tow harness) and have a rear view mirror. I'm going to go out in Tampa Bay with a couple others this weekend and will have a spotter. I am just using my kiteboard for now.

    Anyways, I know it gets very shallow in spots, so my plan is to study the charts and make sure where I'm wake boarding is in safe water. Also, I would assume that I would want to be out of any channels and where it's not busy. Am I missing anything here?

    What depth of water is best for this? Would it make sense to find an area with the appropriate depths that is way off of the channels and areas where a lot of boats come through?

    Also, my rope came at 75ft. I shortened it to 65ft because I heard that's better for beginners. Does that sound right?

    I figure I should find a good area on the map/chart, go there and boat around for a few minutes. I'll look out for any obstructions and then go ahead.

    How do you start out? I know how to get up on board and ride but what is the procedure for starting on a boat? The boat is a 14ft V hull with an outboard. I would probably have to get in the water from the side.


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    Water under 12' deep will shorten the wave height. That said, you aren't going to have a big wave in a 14' outboard so just find water deeper than 5' to 6'
    If you have electric trim on the engine, trim up about 25% after you are at speed to increase the wake size. If you have ballast you want it in the bow if you are trimming the engine up. Without an adjustable trim just leave it set where the boat comes out of the hole well.
    Rope length is just personal choice based on the wake characteristics. 65' is a good starting point. You can try shorter or longer. The trick to it all is in maintaining a constant speed. The driver will make a big difference.

    Take the time to get used to your edges and slides, and bunny hops, so you know how your board will react. With your experience at the cable park and kiteboarding I doubt you are going to have any trouble. Just remember to stay low until the boat is up to speed if it is underpowered. Good luck and enjoy.
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      So....how'd it go?
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