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Hi-Run Trailer Tires Reviews ??

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  • Hi-Run Trailer Tires Reviews ??

    I recently went to my local boating store for new trailer tires. After arriving to pick my trailer up I noticed they used Hi-Run trailer tires made in China. Has anyone had any problems or reviews good or bad regarding these tires ? I've heard alot of people had negative comments about these tires on horse and camping trailers out west but I can't seem to find any reviews about these on boat trailers.

    Any reviews would be very helpful

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    Re: Hi-Run Trailer Tires Reviews ??

    I used to keep my raft and all my camping gear in a little covered utility trailer. When it was time for a float trip I'd just hook 'er up and go. It had Hi-Runs on it and I punctured one every trip. Now, in fairness I must tell you that I was towing that trailer down some really bad roads and onto gravel bars that required 4x4, so take my experience within context and with a grain of salt. Can't really give any good towing beta on them because I ditched the little trailer in favor of a bigger and badder one. Consensus is I'm purty hard on stuff.
    Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
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