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  • size trailer


    Is this the right trailer for this boat? I am interested in this boat, but the hanging behind the boat pushes me away?

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    No, That would be a fine trailer for a 10 foot,or maybe 12 foot boat.


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      Depends. After looking at all the pictures it appears the winch post could be adjusted forward at least a foot and a half or maybe even two feet. If it was moved I would say the trailer is usable but not ideal. I think maybe it was set back on purpose because it was normally launched at a very shallow ramp. Note the walk board installed on the trailer to help with launching and boarding. That in itself would not be a deal breaker for me if I really wanted that boat.
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        Ask the seller for the model number of the trailer, and then contact the manufacturer.

        Its a little boat, so there is not a lot of weight involved. I'm sure it could be set up right as long as the capacity is OK.
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          Ask the seller for the model number of the trailer, and then contact the manufacturer.
          I copy the CL link and use their website "comment" submit. I haven't heard from them in two days.


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            Trailer is a little short,
            and price is a little high.

            Lots of craigslist sellers get overloaded with email responses, and just kind of give up.

            They did post their phone number. Probably not much help for you, but
            perhaps you could have someone call him for you.



            Click image for larger version

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            Medford, WI


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              Trailer too long? haha
              Wonder if this boat can take 15HP.


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                Move the stop post further forward along with the crank and it'll fit fine.
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                  looks like the post has been taken down. but you as a rule can move the wench mount foward to move the boat foward for extra tongue weight or to stop over hang. rule i like to go by, keep the back of boat even with your trailer. seems to keep tongue weight balanced right of course depending on the size of your motor. dont want to much weight on the rear, if theres not enough tongue weight, have fun going down the road. they like to sway alot.


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                    +1 on lkhdjohn, we also make sure the back of the boat is even to the trailer for perfect balance.