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Help please! Hoping to get a definitive answer on trailer size for boat

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  • Help please! Hoping to get a definitive answer on trailer size for boat

    Hi All,

    I'm in a little bit of a crunch, so I'm hoping someone here can help! I'm going up to Sioux Narrows, Ontario the 2nd weekend in October to pick up a boat that's been in my family for appx. 30 years. I would just buy a new boat here in Illinois, however this one has some sentimental value as I spent my summers up on Lake of the Woods for most of my childhood.

    The issue: I'm having trouble figuring out what "size" trailer I will need to bring up there to retrieve it. The trailer it is currently on is old, and needs a lot of work - needless to say I'm not comfortable making the long journey back to Illinois with it. Also, my father doesn't have the title or anything for it, so it's going to be much easier to purchase a trailer here and leave the old one up there.

    The boat is a 1981 Sylvan and the specs are as follows per the title:

    Length - 16'2 inches
    "Breadth" - 76 inches
    Depth - 38 inches

    The trailer I found is a Yacht Club trailer, for $1300, and it's specs are as follows from the info on their website:

    Length - 14-16 ft (adjustable)
    Fender to Fender width - 63 inches

    My concern is with the width, as I'm not worried about 2 inches of overhang. My assumption is that the boat obviously doesn't sit on the trailer at it's widest part, but does anyone have any insight on if this would work? The boat is about 800 pounds, and the trailer is rated for 1200. The motor and trolling motor collectively weigh about 300 (I can take the 9hp one off for transport if needed).

    Thank you all so much for any help you can provide!!


  • roscoe
    Definitely get a longer and a bit heavier trailer.
    Trailer manufacturers exaggerate.
    If you put a 16' boat on that trailer, the winch will have to be adjusted right up to the back of your car-truck-suv.
    You won't be able to open the hatch or tailgate.

    Longer trailers are easier to back up also.

    Look for one with an 1800 + # carrying capacity.
    Not gross weight rating, but actual carrying capacity.
    Also look at the carrying capacity of the tires, don't forget the weight of the trailer itself.

    You would be surprised how much weight will be in there when you use the boat.
    Add motors, fuel tanks, anchors, cooler, fishing gear, spare tire, etc.
    Then if you are camping or heading back to Canada, you will have clothes and more gear to pack in the boat.

    Take along a few extra tie down straps to make it work for the trip home. Then final
    fitting adjustments can be made once back in IL.

    If buying a new trailer, make sure it comes with the trailer manufacturer's Certificate of Origin.
    You will need it to register the trailer in IL.

    Lots of trailer dealers and boat dealers here in WI, on your way up to CA.

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  • dwco5051
    I have a couple of times done that but I took one of my utility trailers or equipment trailer and loaded both the boat and trailer up and hauled the whole combination home. Perhaps you could rent or borrow something like this for the trip. When you get home you could the look for the right trailer or evaluate the trailer it is on and fix it up.

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  • tpenfield
    I'd go size up (16-18 ft) just to be sure on size & weight capacity. Normally the chines of the boat will sit over the wheel fenders. To raise the boat up, you would generally move the bunks/roller assemblies inward towards the keel rollers/pads

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    Thanks for the advice! I will definitely check that out. I've also heard some bad things about Yacht Club trailers, but unfortunately I'm finding it difficult if not impossible to find a trailer with a title that isn't a package deal with a boat. This trailer is new so hopefully it will last a few years at least (and can weather the trip up to Canada).

    Hoping that the 14-16 designation of the trailer means it can be adjusted, but I will find out more tomorrow when I go take a peek at it. Thanks again all!

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  • ahicks
    Make sure the trailer CAN be adjusted! Some of them are custom built for a particular boat. This makes adjusting boat placement and support on the trailer difficult or impossible, and when you do get that all set, if you find you don't have any tongue weight or way too much, the axles is welded in place and can't be adjusted to set the tongue weight!

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  • AllDodge
    This is a tough one to answer with limited info. If basics are compaired

    Trailer is adjustable and will hold a 16 foot boat.
    Capacity 1200, boat weight 1100 (outboard in truck)

    The trailer will probably need to be adjusted so bring tools
    Do maintenance on bearings and tires

    Even that said, Yacht club makes some of the cheapest trailers on the road

    Thing it will work, but I'm guessing

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