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    A few weeks back, I towed my 27’ Ranger Tug on a tandem axle trailer to Florida and back, 1,050 miles one way. The boat on the trailer with fuel and equipment is 10,500 pounds. The trailer was level. The front two tires ran about 20° hotter (120° vs 100°) than the rear two. There’s not any abnormal wear on the front tires, at least not that I can detect. Does the temperature differential indicate a problem? Should I rotate the tires?

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    Have brakes on both axles?
    i personally wouldn’t worry about it.


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      The front axle may be carrying a hair more weight than the rear axle. Were the water and waste tanks empty? That and less fuel could make the difference. Rotating can't hurt.

      Wish I had a Ranger Tug to worry about tire temps. One of my bucket list boats. .
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        If the trailer had a typical equalizer leaf spring suspension it wouldn't make any difference how the load was distributed. That's the job (one of them) for the equalizer. If the pivot point in the equalizer is not in the exact center then yes, there might be a slight bit more load on one axle or the other. Different tire brands on each axle could account for a difference in temperatures even if inflated to the same pressure.


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          Per Dingbat, If only one axle has brakes, it's the front. This could cause a little more heat. Stating the obvious here, but be sure all tires are inflated to the recommended psi.
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            Both axles have disc brakes. Bearing temps were even on all four hubs. I’ll just rotate them.

            Here’s the rig, taken last fall.


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              Was the trailer level not much off level in a boat that size will load the front or rear tires more or less and create more heat on one set. 20 degrees isnt the question what temp were they all and what was the ambient temp. Tire pressures all the same cold?