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Single axle trailer hub missing spindle "wear sleeve"?

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    Originally posted by harringtondav View Post
    You might want to do some root cause diagnostics on the failed hub. With Bearing Buddies the only water entry point would be at that inside seal. I'd suspect the fit between the sleeve and the spindle hub. It should be a drive-on, tight metal to metal fit. Your earlier comment about using loctite or some other sealant (permatex aviation gasket) is a good idea.
    Well I decided to purchase new hubs for the hell of it. The old ones were probably on there for generations. Figured it was time to to do a complete restoration in that region. So new bearings, seals, and buddies. Ill use the old good hub as a replecement for emergencies.

    Thanks for the idea of Aviation. Hadnt used the stuff yet but reading up on it sounds like it would work. I think having something flexible is probably a better idea. I was also thinking epoxy but i assume that would crack over time.