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Help Identifying Make/Model of Trailer

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  • Help Identifying Make/Model of Trailer

    I recently took ownership of a boat and trailer bought by my grandfather in the mid 1950s. The boat is great, trailer needs some help. It is in good shape with the exception of damage to the torsion bar/ wheel assembly on the right side. I am sure I can fix it, but was wondering if anyone could ID the make/model of the trailer. The green paint was by grandpa, as were a few modifications (i.e. larger rollers, the flat plate on the down tube and the winch). The trailer really needs scraped and painted... under the green it is yellow paint. I've tried looking around online to see if I could match it, but everything from that era seems either much more fancy than this or has square tubing (this is round). It could be older, all my father could recall, is the boat and trailer was sold by a local marine store/shop as a package. No ID badge/numbering is visible (could be under layers of paint I guess) and the title has no name listed. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Knowing the manufacturer will not help you locate part, obsolete, NLA.

    Its gonna be cheaper, and a lot easier, to replace the trailer with something from 1980 or newer, something that uses standard modern parts for axle, hub, bearing, and wheel sizes.

    good luck
    Medford, WI